Tuesday, April 14, 2015

GAMES UPDATE - April 2015


After suffering through some nasty computer issues, we finally got back up and running again. And to celebrate the return of sanity we have finally released BATTLE FOR GALLION'S REACH: FLEETS! yesterday!

Visit the website:

or visit the shop site where you can get more info and buy the game:

BATTLE FOR GALLION'S REACH is a moderately complex strategy game of galactic conquest involving simple economics, technological research, and star ship combat. 2 to 4 players scramble to acquire resources and territory all the while plotting their ultimate rise to galactic power by either taking the Imperial throne, destroying all opponents or opening the gateway to Gallion's Reach - which leads to supreme power.

The expansion set will be released soon which adds 37 additional planets, nebula, and other unique space objects and challenges.


Star Fleet Admirals, a strategy wargame of interstellar conflict in the far future is about to undergo the initial playtesting development. The final counter pieces are being printed as I write this and we hope to start testing withing a couple of weeks.


FALL OF THE EAGLE is a game I've had in the concept pipeline for years, but we've decided to bring it out and market it. It's a strategy game of a hypothetical invasion by the Axis Powers of World War 2 invading the United States and Canada in the late 1940's. the game postulates that the Germans defeated Britain and Japan destroyed the US Pacific Fleet at Midway. 

It is abstracted much like the Axis & Allies games but maintains the strong flavor of a wargame. The game is strongly card-driven and players win by capturing and holding VP cities.

We will be discussing this project in the near future in greater depth.


During the following weeks we will be preparing materials to send to game publishers to see if any are interested in publishing both BATTLEFORCE SATURN and BATTLE FOR GALLION'S REACH games.

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