Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Comp for ROMAN COMMANDER card game

Play testing is coming along and reveals a very fun, fast paced game! Just played the Pharsalus scenario between Caesar and Pompey. It's a large battle with almost all unit types used. Great fun! Game play photos coming soon!


BATTLEFORCE SATURN is in the mid-playtesting stages. The rule book is being written and the final box cover is being designed. Target release date is December 15th 2014. Hopefully we can make it!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Using the same system and card-based mechanic as BattleForce Saturn, both Roman Commander and Castle Commander take budding tactical geniuses to new battlefields!

With ROMAN COMMANDER players can command Roman Legions, Germanic and Celtic warbands, Persian hordes, Hunnic armies and Roman rebels in fast paced and furious tactical combat. Players use historically accurate Roman-era commanders and tactics. Battles can be historical or completely random. Players can even create their own!

CASTLE COMMANDER gives players the feel of commanding medieval armies as the both defend and attempt to siege castles. Players can design their own castles from a variety of architectural sections from turrets, walls keeps, draw bridges, moats and use catapults, boiling oil, archers, swordsman, peasants, knights and others to take the castle!

Both games are card-based with fast paced fun!
Roman Commander will be released during the first quarter of 2015. Castle Commander soon after that!

Photos of prototype play will be posted soon! 

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