Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Battle for Gallion's Reach Space Card Expansion Deck in Testing

First Expansion Being Tested

With the release of the game we have put together a fun and exciting expansion deck of brand new space hex cards! We  wanted to include this deck in the original game but cost issues prevented it. But now, for only $20, players can double their galaxy size or use these new cards in the old game! The new deck comes with many new planets, nebulae and asteroid fields as well as a large number of interesting anomalous and unusual space objects such as:

Space Brain - gives controlling players a technology boost
Hyperspace Zip Line - ships can move across the board in one move
Computer Planet - increases player's research abilities
Alien Starbase - controlling players get a free star base
Hyperlane - gives ships an extra hyper jump move
The Expanse - Only Raiders and Destroyers can fight
The Black Nebula - No missile combat allowed
Jump Node Alternator - controlling player can shut off adjacent jump nodes
Battle Asteroid - controlling players can have a strongpoint in an alien-built asteroid with powerful defenses.

It also comes with 20 additional House Flag markers for each faction and two special playing pieces for the Jump Node Alternator space hex card.

We hope that this expansion will greatly increase the replayability of the game and is the first of more expansions to come! We have more expansion ideas we are working on:

Ship Expansion: Fighters & Carriers, Minelayers, cloaked ships, Hyperspace Missiles and two additional Raiders, Destroyers and Cruisers squadrons for each faction giving each player six of each type.

Additional Players: Two more Great Houses and one Alien Race can join the fray with their own ship types. Also considering adding a forth optional race called the AI. It would be a non-player faction that spreads like a virus. It's appearance would force factions to work together to stop and would change the dynamic of any game where it appears.

Commanders & Admirals: Players can buy leaders to command their fleets and armies (replacing the Great Admiral and Greatest Warlord characters)

New Rules: Supply Lines, Minor Races, Star Clusters, Pirates, etc.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


With included printed full-color rule book and access to downloadable PDF rulebook:

With only the downloadable full-color PDF manual and printer-friendly rule cook: