Friday, May 1, 2015

GAMES UPDATE - May 1, 2014


Work on the Attack Wing Campaign is moving ahead feverishly. We have the first campaign about the Romulan Invasion of Sol Sector ready to go. We are in development of the second campaign. both will be available for download by June. They will be free print-&-play games.

Here is the game board for the SOL CAMPAIGN add-on. The board shows the initial placement of counters which represent squadrons of ships and star bases.


Roman Commander is also in development and aiming for a 3Q 2015 release. here are some of the components.

ROMAN COMMANDER is designed to be a small fast playing game of Roman period battles suitable of 30 minutes to an hour of play. The game comes with a variety of photo-realistic terrain tiles on heavy cardboard. The army and commander units are placed on the tiles which can be stacked to simulate hilly terrain. Commander such as Julius Caesar, Pompey, Vercingetorix, Arminius and Spartacus and others lead a variety of army types into battle. The game comes with a variety of scenarios that cover the late republic/ early Imperial period such as the civil wars and early barbarian conflicts.

Combat uses a simple die-roll based upon the unit strength and units are rotated according to the amount of damage inflicted on them. Combat is designed to be simple and fun!

If the game does well we will be releasing expansion sets for other periods such as the Huns, Parthians, late Imperial armies, Goths, etc.

For more on both, see the website for more information!

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